Saturday, June 13

Let the Record Show

1. I did not spot the High School Musical Barbie doll in the clearance section at TJ Maxx.

2. I did not pick up the High School Musical Barbie doll.

3. I did not call Alexis over to look at the High School Musical Barbie doll.

4. I did not offer to purchase the High School Musical Barbie doll.

5. I did not spend $10 on a High School Musical Barbie doll.

6. I did assemble the pool that came with the High School Musical Barbie doll.

7. I did not sit and play with the High School Musical Barbie doll.

Just sayin'.

(8. I did purchase the sound track for HSM 2 because if I have to listen to the one from HSM 3 one more time, I will scream bloody murder and probably go on a killing spree.)


  1. OK. If you say so. For the record, you are allowed the new soundtrack.

  2. So... Cody bought Alexis a barbie doll? Ha, just kidding. I love a smitten Daddy... so very sweet! : )

  3. oh those daddys- they are such suckers for their little girls- and I like it that way!!

  4. It's a lifetime of her twisting daddy around her little finger. Something about daddies and their girls.

  5. That is the same one we own, with the pool!

    My husband is a sucker for buying stuff for our girls too.

    Unfortunately I've heard all 3 soundstracks so many times, I can sing them in my sleep.

  6. Nice job dad.

    Congrats on the Pens triumph.

  7. Cody should really refrain from spoiling that kid.

  8. Oh LOL I'm so very glad I have boys :) Kudos to dad!

  9. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I am looking forward to the day when I can give my best friend's daughter HSM items. It will be like the fire hat with siren noises that she gave my son so many years ago. I have been hoarding these things for years for her.

  10. I'm just waiting to see the photos of the HSM bedroom ...

  11. At least some of the songs in 2 don't completely suck. I like the baseball song & so does my husband. He claims it's because Disney made a video featuring real, live baseball players. I know better. He & Mr.Husband probably have late night chats about how sexy Zac is.

  12. bwahahahahahahaahaaa...

    sorry, don't mean to laugh ...


  13. I would say that the Pens victory has obviously befuddled his mind...

    ...but I think we know better. :)