Friday, October 16

Thanks to Everyone Who Took the Time to Stop By

(Photo by Jayesel)

More about PodCamp Pittsburgh is coming soon (tomorrow?), but I wanted to be sure to say thanks to the people who squeezed and crammed into the room for my presentation. I didn't even have to pay them to sit there!

(Psst . . . voting is still very much so appreciated. Thanks!)


  1. Grrr. I commented on yesterday's post and it ISN'T THERE!! Anyway, I really wish I could have seen your presentation at PodCamp. I'll wait for the online video :-)

    Let me know and I'll make a trip out to see you with Brewfest tix & time to hang out w/ A. I need some kid time, definitely. Sundays are best right now, I think.

  2. Gah. :( Wish I could have been there. :(

  3. Wow! Look at all of them! Standing room only! Were you even the slightest bit nervous?

  4. @Jen--Public speaking is part of my jobby job, so it doesn't really bother me. Usually. So, uh, YES.

  5. You did great, and I was glad to be there. The reasons you listed for blogging, and your attitude about it, are right in line with my own. You had some great advice for blog fodder, and the question you try to answer with your post every day is what I've tried to do, but wasn't able to articulate it as such until I heard you say it and I was nodding along. Now I just need to get into a routine to be able to post regularly. I'm still working on that part. (No, not a "Sorry I don't blog more" apology, just writing down my thoughts.)

    Thanks for presenting!