Sunday, November 22

Sidney Crosby is Her Boyfriend, but She Would Probably Settle for Rich

I'm not entirely sure, but I think my first concert was Nelson. Yes, THAT Nelson. Go ahead, mock me. I'll wait.

Are you done yet?

How about now?


Whatever. Keep laughing, I'm going to move on. So, my first concert was (I think) Nelson. I grew up in North Dakota, so the quality of artists traveling through town wasn't exactly what I would call spectacular. I'm lucky I managed to make it to a concert that is even slightly recognizable, even if it is just because they had better hair than pretty much any woman I've ever known.

Alexis' first concert involved a guy with pretty hair, too.

That's three of the four Imagination Movers. Scott is the one with the pretty hair. Dave is the one behind him thinking, "Dude, is that a bald spot?" Yes, Dave, I think it might be. It happens to all the guys with pretty hair, just ask Andre Agassi.

Now, I only took Alexis to the concert because I got the tickets for free from Disney. There was no way I was going to pay good money to be trapped in a room with a bunch of screaming preschoolers and what I assumed would be over-manufactured Disney ear worms. I planned to not mention the concert at all since I don't do sponsored posts or reviews, but holy majolies, my kid had a blast at that concert. It. was. epic.

I didn't tell Alexis that we were going to see the Imagination Movers until the day before the concert. I think that proves that I'm finally starting to figure out this whole I Have a Kid thing, but then again, I still heard the words, "Is it time to go to Imagination Movers yet?" at least 2346423426 times. In fact, I couldn't get Alexis to eat dinner before the show because she was absolutely positive that if she took so much as one bite of food, she would miss the entire concert. Maybe I need to learn to not mention concerts until we're in our seats. Or something.

Once we were in our seats and the curtain was raised, Alexis was mesmerized.

MESMERIZED. Like, I could have sat there chanting, "Troy Bolton is a poopoo face" and she wouldn't have noticed. She was too busy making sure she didn't miss one single second of the hot Rich action.

I KNOW. My knowledge of names should be embarrassing. It's not my fault they have them embroidered right on their shoulders, yo. Anyway, I had no idea that my kid has a Major Crush on Rich, but I saw it in full effect that night. Alexis watched his every move and very nearly started bawling when he disappeared for a few minutes. She was all, "Where's Rich? Where did Rich go? What happened to Rich?"

I was all, "Dude, take a pill." Then I realized he had gone up to the balcony. A quick explanation resulted in the kid thinking she needed to run up to the balcony and rescue him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's so cute. Blech.

As the concert went on, a mosh pit formed in front of the stage.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but there were easily 50 kids fighting to touch an Imagination Mover. It was a wee bit violent in that Short Person mosh pit. I know I saw more than one body go rolling down the aisle.

Alexis wanted to join in on the crazy mosh action, but when I refused to go with her, she decided to stay in her seat. And dance. And sing. Yes, MY KID danced and sang. In public. With other people around. Where she could be seen or heard. MY KID.


My kid doesn't do things in public. Like, ever. She imitates a growth on my shoulder, but that's about it. We don't call her Michigan J. Frog for nothing.

Credit for the Crazy Dancing Kid goes to Smitty for busting out this move.

I had no idea that doing the "Walk Like an Egyptian" thing was funny, but I do now. I bust that sucker out and Alexis falls over laughing instantly. Good times!

Overall, the show was not that bad. I don't know why, but I expected the guys to have a Krusty the Clown complex that would show its colors at some point during the show. That's to say that I seem to have the idea that anyone who gets paid to entertain kids is totally faking it on stage and completely miserable behind the scenes. I didn't get that vibe, though. At all. In fact, I dare say that those guys actually enjoy their jobs. A lot. (It might have to do with the fact that they all have kids. I know I'm happier when I get sleep, and being on the road is one way to make that happen.)

I didn't hate the music (my status as a Cool Person demands that I not publicly admit that I maybe kinda sorta like some of the songs). I didn't hate that the guys really do know how to play those instruments pretty well. I didn't hate the storyline. I didn't hate that my kid had the time of her life.

My favorite part, though, was when I got to be all I TOLD YOU SO to Alexis. She spent the entire day before the concert telling me about how if she met The Movers, she was going to ask them 135234646 questions. She swore she was going to pose for a picture or two or ten with them. She was animate that she was going to talk to them for hours.

I told her I was willing to bet she would be too shy to do it.

As we stood in line waiting to meet them, she kept talking her big game. She told me she was going to give Rich a hug. She said she was going to ask Scott if he likes to wear headbands. She bragged about how cute she was going to be in the group photo. As we inched closer and closer, she kept on keeping on.

Then it was our turn.

She froze.

She freaked.

She panicked.

We managed to get one crappy photo before she ran for dear life.

P.S. The guy in red is Mover Kyle. He was there to play the drums. Or something.

P.P.S. Warehouse Mouse was backstage controlling the lights and music through the whole show. I think that means he was having a bad hair day and didn't want to go out on stage.

P.P.P.S. Every one of you who asked about the guy in red and the dang rat are dorks right there with me.


  1. The Imagination Movers are HUGE in our house. I am so glad that someone else is joining me in the IM fan group who is over the age of 5 :-)
    What a wonderful experience for y'all.
    AWWWWWWWWWWW (yes, I awwwww'd deal with it) ;-)

  2. Yep, rolling down the aisle over and over and over. That was one of mine. The other one ran up to the stage as if Townshend, Hendrix, Jagger and Jesus had just started to play. He wants to see them again... now.

  3. My first was not a singer or dancer either. We took him to a local concert once (Mr. Don) and her sat and read a magazine....he was 4 at the time. The second is his polar opposite, he will bust out with an a cappella rendition of the Scooby Doo song in the middle of the grocery store without blinking an eyelash.

  4. My first concert was Andy Gibb. Yeah, go on an laugh too. I can take it. My daughter's was Hannah Montana, thanks to Aunt Kelley and her amazing birthday gift. So glad it was such a successful show for Alexis - it's always such a rush to see the joy in your kid's eyes!

  5. "I had no idea that my kid has a Major Crush on Rich..."

    Get used to that. It only gets more fun as they get older. One day you wake up and realize that the girl has been dating WHO?! for two months now and there's nothing that you can do about it.

  6. Emily wanted to know who the guy in red was, too. Of course I had no idea.

  7. Ha! Looks like you had a good time! I imagine my kids would lose their shit over something like Curious George does Techno. I was avoiding letting them watch the Imagination Movers but now maybe I will.

    If it takes over my house, I will find you.

  8. @AndreAnna--You won't hate it. Promise.

    @Mia--Oh, she's a singer, but not when she has an audience. She sings, dances, dances, sings, sings pretty much 24/7, but all that has to happen for her to stop is for her to notice that someone else can see her doing it.

  9. Glad she enjoyed it so much! My first concert was Rick Springfield. My mom took me and a friend. My mom - who hates all rock music. She sat there with her fingers in her ears for half the concert. The girls around us screamed so loud and with such consistency we ended up leaving early.

  10. My first concert was Slaughter. But I rocked a Nelson t-shirt in 7th grade. So see, I have no reason to laugh at you WHATSOEVER.

  11. My first thought on seeing the first photo was "Woah, what happened to the Wiggles." I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I have never seen an imagination mover show. But I guess I should be happy-since my girls are 11 and nearly 15

  12. I hate to say it, I'm a Wiggles groupie.

  13. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I have never even HEARD of them (and am now remembering the Barney years and starting to twitch violently). How every cute at the end though. I think that picture is better than anything!

  14. I'm glad you both had fun! They really are cool guys. And at least you got that one pic! : )

  15. First concert: Elton John. I make no apologies for that!

    In regards to concerts in the middle of nowhere...

    Back in the 80's, I worked in Cleveland for a record store chain and they sent me out to North Platte Nebraska to help them open a new store. I'd never seen so much nothing in my life! The mall had a Sears on one end, another big anchor store on the other, and practically nothing in between. And people came from hundreds of miles away!

    Anyway, I asked the people that were going to work at the store if they ever got any good concerts out this way. They thought for a minute and said, "Well, we had the Monkees reunion come to the State Fair..."

    I was like, "boy do you ever need a record store out here..."

  16. Alexis and my Emily are the same person. I continue to be delighted and a little freaked out.