Monday, February 1

It's the Little Things That Make Me Happy

If you weren't already convinced that I have an evil streak, it's time to fix that. While we're at it, we'll go ahead and prove that the evil streak will live on within the heart of my spawn.

While perusing Amazon for birthday party invitations some time ago, I came across a little something that made my eyes sparkle with glee. I quickly pulled the trigger on that little something . . . er . . . big something. In fact, it was LIFE-SIZE something.

A life-size cutout of Troy Bolton/Zac Efron.


I totally bought Alexis a life-size cardboard Zac. The only thing was that on the very day that I made the purchase, she decided that she was in loooooove with Mr. Danforth. She spent an entire evening declaring her loooooove, so I figured I should probably order a second cut-out. Except, I planned to use the things as party decorations, so it seemed a little weird to have two boys and no girls.

And that is how we came to own life-size cutouts of Sharpay, Gabriella, Troy, and Chad.

They are magnificent. Truly.

Alexis, for her part, LOVED them. So much. She giggled when she saw them. She grinned from ear-to-ear as she moved them around and posed them just right. As Mr. Husband and I stood back and watched her joyfully play puppet-master with the 20-something high schoolers, we noticed something.

The dogs didn't seem to be real found of the fake people who had invaded their house.

At all.

I kinda sorta might have taken advantage of that fact and spent an entire evening chasing the dogs with Troy and Gabriella.

(Caution: Mucho barking in the video.)

My favorite part of that video? The fact that Alexis joined in on the dog chasing at the end. Oh yes, she did. It brings a little tear of pride to my eye just thinking about it.

This little hobby never gets old. Ever. In fact, I think I'm going to go chase the bulldog right now. Heh.


  1. LOLOL Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing!! That is hilarious. Oh and in case no one else on The Internets has said it, Alexis is freakin' adorable!!

  2. lol. One of my dogs is terrified of the vacuum. In fact, even just saying the word vacuum causes him to give you dirty words as he moves away (with his ears down) and hides.

    What's Alex's FAVORITEST THING in the house? That's right - the vacuum! Any time he sees it, he goes over to it.

    My poor, poor dog.

  3. Your dogs have good taste. Those HSM children are terrifying! Now get them a dora the whora and let them tear it apart! Or go find your new BFF/dora basher and let her rip dora limb from limb. Just don't let Alexis see.

    and speaking of your favorite whore, I went to babysit today and the toddler had a new sippy cup. featuring none other than the famous DORA. Blech. I thought of you.

  4. @Molly--They won't tear Dora apart because they are apparently WAY too scared of cardboard people. They won't even go in Alexis' room if those things are in there. LOVE IT.

  5. OMG, that is freakin' hilarious. That will totally come in handy in the future.

    Also, those cutouts rock! You are an awesome mom. And that Alexis is pretty darn cute, too!

  6. you are demented. i like that about you.

  7. I snort-laughed through the whole video!

  8. Well now you know how to keep the dogs out of your bed - you have sentries. Now how do you keep the girl-child out...?

  9. Ooooh, that is simply fabulous! Love it in all it's ridiculousness.

  10. I watched it twice. My coworker had to come over and see what I was laughing at. We're both sitting here wiping our eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hahaha!!! That is so funny. I love the way they tore down the stairs. HAHAHA!
    And OH MY WORD! Alexis is just too cute! It is so distracting. Her little voice! And that outfit! EGAD!!!!

  12. Anonymous5:07 PM

    This is why I think you rock :)

  13. I would laugh normally at this, but my employer's dog ate my only pair of snow boots yesterday, so I can't even look at a dog right now. You know how hard it is to find my size in boots! And, in February, I'm sure they have sandals out, instead of boots. GAH!

  14. That is hilarious!

  15. Bwahahaha! The first autumn we had my dog, a beagle, we discovered that she is scared to walk by scarecrows. For the past 10 years, we have been calling them "scarebeagles." Looks like you've got your own "scaredogs" right there in your house!