Tuesday, May 22

Color Me Confused

How is it that just yesterday Alexis thought sprinklers were way fun and today she thinks they are way scary? Yesterday afternoon I stopped to turn on the sprinkler to water the garden when Alexis and I got home. She decided to play in the sprinkler for half an hour and was soaked from head to toe. Today, I intentionally put the sprinkler out for her. It was, after all, 80 degress and she was sweating big time when I picked her up from school. She changed into a swimsuit (yesterday it was jeans and a t-shirt) and tried to go for a splash. She opted to cling to me like her little feet were allergic to the ground or something. So if you're dressed in jeans, sprinklers are fun, but if you're in a swimsuit, they're not? I'm not getting it.

Here are more photos from the zoo. For the record, sheep are scary.

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