Monday, May 14

I Bet I'll Regret It Later

I have allowed Alexis to create a bad habit. Normally I'm good about kicking these things early, but this time I'm totally screwing up. Alexis has taken a liking to having a drink or two or three of water before bed. And tonight, we graduated to taking the sippy cup into her crib. Right now, she's totally happy to be chugging water or milk right before going to sleep. But in a year, when she's getting potty trained, it won't be such a great idea. I guarantee I'm going to regret giving in to her demands.

The regret will probably rank up there with the day I decided to give her a pacifier. It was a beautiful (and quiet) year while she had it, but once I took it away, I really wished I had never given it to her. Tonight I got my reminder of that mistake. She found a pacifier somewhere in the dining room (I swear those things are like bunnies and just multiply when you aren't looking). She instantly popped it into her mouth and was as happy as a lark. That is, she was happy until I took it away. Then it was meltdown time. This water before bed thing is going to turn out the same way, I just know it.

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