Sunday, June 3

Holy C*#p, It's Been How Long?

Today marks Daddy's and my 7th anniversary. We celebrated by doing what we do every Sunday: running around to get groceries and other necessities then cleaning the house/yard. Of course, this year we had something a little extra special to run around with us. And I don't mean Alexis (she's not just a "little" extra special, she a whole lot of extra special). Oh no, my friends. Last night I commented to Daddy, "Did you change any poopy diapers today?" He responded with a "no." I wisely predicted that our fate would be a poopiful day today, and I was right. I lost count at dirty diaper number four. That was the one that I changed out in the yard because there was no way that thing was going in our house. We would have had to have the whole place fumigated. Did you know that blueberries come out looking exactly the same as they did going in? Well, now you do.

Here's a bit of anniversary trivia for you. The reason we chose June 3rd for our wedding was that it was the Saturday closest to our "real" anniversary. We went on our first date on June 4th, 1994.

And now, here's Miss Poopy dining out. The first picture is the moment when the blueberries went in.

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