Monday, October 8

Random Stuff

* Yesterday's Steelers game? ROCKED. I think I might be starting to like Ben, even if only a little bit.

* Daddy and I? Really freakin' immature. Alexis was walking around all over the place telling us both to sit yesterday. However, it sounded a whole lot like, "Mommy, sh@t" and "Daddy, sh@t." And we giggled. Why, yes, we are a couple of ten-year olds. What of it?

* Wal-Mart employees? Should totally feel stupid putting out all that Christmas and winter crap. It's 90 degrees outside. Save the fuzzy slippers for a week or two. Also? It screws with my head when there is an aisle of school supplies next to the Halloween stuff next to the Christmas junk next to the flowers. Pick a season and go with it, will you?

* Your mission? Cheer like crazy for Tony Romo tonight. I am currently down three points for this week's Fantasy game, but I'm counting on my new boyfriend to make it all better. A victory would be extra sweet since I'm head-to-head with the guy that just bought an English Bulldog based on my breeder/importer recommendation. He's already broke, now let's go for broke loser status. How does it feel to know you're about to beat by a girl, Gandolf's Goons? Probably about the same as it feels to know you just spent over $2500 for a dog that is going to destroy every piece of furniture you own. Have fun with that.


  1. I hear you on the Wal-Mart thing. And they're so busy rearranging to make room for out of season seasonals that you have a hard time finding basics. Thank goodness they never move the dog food. I'd be lost and wondering for years.

  2. Obviously you are a Steelers fan...but could you cheer for my boy Tom Brady next week when he is up against Romo? :)