Monday, September 28

Project Holiday Brainwash is Going Splendidly

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when encountering Christmas junk on display in September would have made my eyes roll right on out of my head, down the street, and off a cliff. I'm very weird about my seasonal stuff; I only like it when it is contained within its designated season.

Snow? LOVE it. From November to February. If I see so much as one flake outside of that window, I am not amused.

Skulls and witches? LOVE LOVE LOVE them. In October. The rest of the year they seem more awkward than kind words out of Simon Cowell's mouth.

Fireworks? The calendar had better say July 4th. If it does? YIPPEE! Sparkly, pretty stuff! If not? I might have to take that bottle rocket and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

So, you would think that my head would have exploded when Alexis and I walked into a store today and we spotted a fully decked out Christmas display.

It didn't.

Part of the reason I was all, OH! SHINY STUFF! is because Alexis was all OH! SHINY STUFF! We were still easily 100 yards away from the Christmas crap when Alexis shrieked, "IT'S TIGGER AND POOH!" and went running towards the light-up sculptures. She then drug me up and down every aisle of glitter and glitz and glam, geeking out over every little thing.

I've never been prouder.

The other reason I was all, OH! SHINY STUFF! is that frankly, I can't wait to decorate this year. I've been itching to freak out the neighbors with my Halloween excess, and I don't think October 1st can possibly get here fast enough. As exciting as that is, it's the Christmas crazy that has me REALLY excited. Could it be November 1st now? How about now? Now? PLEASE?

Every year I hit the clearance aisles after Halloween and Christmas and procure lots of fun stuff for cheap. By the time it's the right moment to drag the stuff out, I have long forgotten what I bought the previous year. It's like I get two extra birthdays. Opening up those storage tubs filled with unknown goods is the most funnest thing I get to do.

Last year I bought stuff with a glimmer of hope that we would have moved by this point in time. Since we did, I'm now itching to see what treasures I have hidden from myself. Is there a new tree? Ornaments? Lights? WHAT WILL I FIND?

Can it be November 1st now? How about now? NOW? Please?


  1. yessss :) please post pics of the halloween goodness.. i am such a holiday freak, too. i've yet to see any christmas stuff yet - but i know it's just a matter of time!!


  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    You had to know that the apple wasn't going to fall far from the tree on that one! Any girl who watches Dancing With The Stars for the outfits is going to have NO PROBLEM getting her holiday crazy on. Can't wait to see what you do in the new place!

  3. You better post pictures... I have never been much of a decorator. I mean, we have a christmas tree and all that, and I have a lovely nativity scene, but um, it doesn't go much beyond that. And I can absolutely say, with complete certainty, that I have never even considered the possibility of decorating for Halloween. Can't wait to see what you do. :)

  4. First.... love that shot! :) Very cool.

    And I might need to borrow Alexis. While my boys still get mostly excited about Christmas... I have no one to squeal with about Tigger and Pooh!

  5. she is TOTALLY your daughter.

    and i can't wait to see what the christmas crazies bring this year!

  6. sisjake6:25 AM

    I kinda burned out decorating a couple years ago and let the kids do it now. I can tell ya, that has made for some pretty interesting-looking Christmas trees and house decos!Especially the year teen got lazy and just threw the icicles onto the tree in a couple of clumps. I left them like that. Traditional day at our house to do it is the day after crazy shopping frenzies for us that day!

  7. October 1st? Whoops. Hubby put most of ours up this weekend. Little ghosts hanging from the tree, stake decorations, a spider web on the door. He ran out of time for the ghost, jack o lantern and bat lights (a strand of each). We will probably take them down in conjunction with hanging the Christmas lights.

  8. I'm looking forward to decorating for both holidays this year too! BIGGER HOUSE TO FILL! woohoo! Except I REALLY need to get some more stuff, especially Halloween. I hung a few pumpkin cut-outs last night, and I only have a couple more things and my walls are still bare! WalMart here I come. (HELP ME.)

  9. i love decorating... LOVE LOVE LOVE it... I get a little excited.

  10. I like finding those few really unusual new ornaments that don't look like the same old thing.

  11. We are anxiously awaiting October 1st around here, too!

  12. @honywine--I have several themed trees, so I have to get some sort of "generic" ornaments, but one tree is the Chaos Tree. That one is a blast to buy for because anything goes.

  13. I just can't WAIT to see your Halloween and Christmas decorating of your new house!!! You may have just gotten me excited for Christmas, and we aren't even in October!

  14. ai yi yi! I am excited, but trepidacious too about the holidays. Hubby and I started looking at designs to craft our own Christmas cards today and that got us excited. We pick out special one of a kind ornaments for the kids every year from Santa. The tree is nothing but original every year. Gonna have to put up a second tree soon to contain them all. When the kids grow up and move away they will take their ornaments with them, and we can start all over!

  15. I told Jim that I'm decorating for Halloween on Oct 1st, and he said that is ridiculously early! Thank you for backing me up.

    We went to Walmart in search of your cool umbrella and raincoat, and it wasn't there. Are you sure it was Walmart? Maybe they are just gone by now? My kid has these adorable rain boots and I need the rest for the adorable pictures. It's all about the pictures as you know.

  16. Duuuude. Just think of how much more stuff you can put up now that she can help. Just more more day and some-odd hours. I think you should take Thursday off. And maybe Friday. (To post the pics of course.)

  17. First, that picture is AWESOME. Seriously.

    Second, I'm ready to skip the fall decor and just break out the Christmas at Casa de Pony. I'm only wondering if I'll hate it by December if I do. It's the only thing keeping me from decking the halls.

  18. While I love looking at other people's Halloween/Christmas displays (and the more garish the better), I am way too lazy and disorganized to invest energy into putting up my own.

    By the time I realize I need to go Christmas shopping, it's Dec. 20th.

    I admire your determination :)