Saturday, May 19

The Lion Says "Roooooaaaaaaarrrr"

We made our first of, most likely, several trips to the zoo today. We bought season passes since we'll probably end up going five or six times in the next year. We'll go even more if Daddy gets his way.

Alexis showed off just how many animal signs Rachel on Signing Time has taught her. She knew some that I had long ago forgotten like giraffe, gorilla, rhinocerous, and zebra. It still neaver ceases to amaze me that she can tell us some of these words that she knows. It amazes me even more that she knows the words in the first place. I just didn't expect that a 15-month old would be able to recognize a zebra. Just as crazy--somewhere along the line she has learned that lions roar. She started signing lion and roaring like a crazy woman the moment she them. I'm thinking Daddy must be behind that one.

I have pictures to show, but they are taking forever to upload, so I'm saving them for tomorrow. Sorry!

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com8:54 PM

    I'm thinking next go round, I'm going to invest in Rachel. There's no way mine knew giraffe or rhino!